get to know me. 

Hey everyone. My name is Angela. My tumblr name is Peetalust, hence the title on my weebly. 
     I'll tell you some random things about myself. I am 18. I drive a 1988 Jeep Cherokee. It has a bumper sticker of the deathly hallows and mockingjay put together. If you haven't seen it you should. I also have a team peeta bumpersticker. I love Hunger Games. Team Peeta. I love posters--my whole bedroom is covered in Hunger Games (but mainly Peeta), Harry Potter, The Beatles, and other random shit. I love to sing. I play piano and sing at the same time a lot. I like to cover Regina Spektor. I am adopted. I have a tattoo. I have a german shepard husky mix named Rissa. I love minecraft. I love chick flicks and disney movies. I'm running out of things to say haha.

I really love writing this fanfiction, and if you like it too, please share my URL whether it be on tumblr (follow me) or facebook or your own blog or whatever, I would love people to get to read this since I am working pretty damn hard on it. :) Enjoy your night/day/dusk/dawn. :)

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    Hey if you want to get to know me, go look at my tumblr or the home page.


    August 2012