1988 jeep cherokee, bitches.

Heyyyyy guys. Oh, so a heads up, as you can probably tel from the header of this blog post and if you've looked at any of my posts, I do cuss. Not like....ALL the time. But it does happen. My fanfic has mild language. :) 
    So....I GOT MY CAR TODAY :D And I get to drive it to my college classes and it's pretty rad. '88 Jeep Cherokee, complete with ghetto manual windows. :3 Anyway, to all of you that may or may not (probably wont be) reading this, THANK YOU. Thank you so much for reading my fanfiction, following me on tumblr, or whatever it is you do. :) I really appreciate it. I put a lot of time into my fanfic,and I really want people to read it. So, please. Tell your friends, promote me on your tumblr/facebook, whatever, and I'd be HAPPY to return the favor. :) 
     Anyway, about my car. It is called the Yetti, as named by my sister, since it was originally her car. It is white, and I love driving it around. :) I'll be working on Chapter 5 tonight, but I want it to be a bit longer, so my guess is by wednesday around 2 oclock mountain time, maybe sooner. :) I'll post a sneak peek, of course. That is if anyone is actually reading this site! I'd love it if you guys could leave me comments on the submission form. You can literally have your first name be Anon and last name be Mously. Or whatever you want. If you want to email me and contact me, feel free, but right now I'd really appreciate some feedback! ;)

Well. Love you all. :)


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